SENSOR Massage and Find My built-in | SDE2400MFB-01

  • SDE2400MFB-01
  • SDE2400MFB-01
  • SDE2400MFB-01
  • SDE2400MFB-01
  • SDE2400MFB-01
  • SDE2400MFB-01

SENSOR Massage and Find My built-in

Swissdigital Design – SENSOR Massage and Find My built-in – A World’s First Business and Travel Backpack Works with Apple Find My network Works with Apple Find My Network – Built-in Massage Function and Swissdigital Finding System – 15.6″ Laptop Pocket – Large Capacity – Multi-Function Organized Pockets – Durable Materials -
Patented Smart USB Charging System – RFID Protection – Add-A-Bag System

US PATENT NO.: US 10,574,071 B2 / US 10,931,137 B2 / US 10,931,138 B2
GERMAN PATENT NO.: 212016 000 194 / 212015 000 266
US PATENTS NO.:US 11,426,324 B2 / US 10,888,494 B2

Apple Find My built-in
Never lose your luggage again. Locate it via the Apple Find My network and app on the map. In addition to the integrated Find My function, a flashing light in the Swissdigital Design logo can be triggered and an acoustic alarm with up to 130 dB can be activated remotely to find the bag or to warn others.

Massage Function
Built-in massage function that can be turned on by an adjustable button with a normal cell phone battery (not included), so you can relax and enjoy your trip with a massage.

Patented Smart USB Charging System
Pre-wired USB port on the side of the backpack for quick and easy charging of smartphones or other similar devices (battery not included).

Large Capacity
Contains independent compartments for great storage and organization for different items. Multiple main compartments with many hidden pockets to provide the space important things need.

Add-A-Bag system
Add-A-Bag system convenient your travel. A luggage strap allows you to connect your suitcase to the backpack and thus pull with one hand. Your trip will immediately become much easier and more pleasant.

Product Details
Product name: SENSOR Massage and Find My built-in | SDE2400MFB-01
Size: 13.25″x 7.75″ x 18″(Width x Depth x Height)
Weight: 2.93  pounds
Color: Black

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  • What is Apple Find My Built-in ?

    The bag includes the SDD finding system behind the logo.

  • How to pair the SDD Finder ?

    Step 1: Place the bag to you iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or macOS.

    Turn on Bluetooth on your device.

    Step 2: Open the zipper behind the logo where the Finder is attached to.

    Twist to open the back cover-Remove the transparent film-Twist to close the back cover-Ready for pairing after two beeps and a red flash-Put the Finder back and close the zipper.

    Step 3: Open the Find My app on you iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or macOS

    Tap”Item-Add item-Other supported item”-Click on” Continue”-Name your Finder and click” Continue”-Choose and emoji-Click on” Continue”-Click on “Finish”

    The Finder will be paird successfully after two beeps and a blue flash.


    –Find the tool kit next to the Finder. (Fig: 9)

    –Complete the pairing process within 2 minutes, otherwise the device will enter the standby

    mode after 4 consecutive  beeps and a flash of red. in that case, twist and take out the

    battery to restart the operation from 1.08

    –View ‘Update available’ underneath ‘Firmware’ or click ‘Show details’ to find

    ‘Update available’, then click ‘Update’ for software upgrade.

    –To take off the Finder Kit, please use the screwdriver provided. (Fig: 13)

  • What if the massage doesn't work ?

    1. Check your power bank is powered or not.

    2. Check if you use the correct USB cable.

    3. If above 1&2 are normal, please contact with our service or send the bag to our service.

  • How to use Massage Function?

  • Does the bag contain the power bank ?

    The bag doesn’t contain the power bank.

  • Is the USB Charging system Type C ?

    The USB Charging system is for Type A.

  • How many cables does the bag have ?

    It has a black cable to connect your power bank to charge your device. But it doesn’t include any charging cables for your mobile.

  • What size of laptop can this bag fix ?

    Fix for 15.6″ laptop,fit every Notebook up to 15.25″ x 10.375″ x 1″ (39x26x2.5cm)

  • What's the weight of this bag ?

    Big and weight enough, about 2.93 pounds.

  • What is RFID ?

    It can protect your information from being theft, for example, the credit card information, the ID card, the passport information and so on.

  • What's the size of this bag ?

    About 18 inch height

  • Warranty

    2 years limited warranty on non-electrical products; 1 year limited warranty on electrical components/products