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Swissdlgltal Design backpack with massage functionUSER'S MANUAL

Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing one of our products with the latest technology . Like our Swiss forebears, we blend precision with craftsmanship. Swissdigital Design stands for highquality precision gear which are thoroughly tested.

Swissdigital Design has been the worlds first compars developing a USB charging system for backpacks. By using this system you can charge your phone hand-free, notebook or any other device, by using an additional power bank. This means that while you travel you will never run out of power!

Swissdigital Design also developed and patented a massage function for backpacks. By using this massage function from the backpack you will enjoy and feel relaxed and feegreat during traveling!

Your Swissdigital Design team.


Pоеwer Cоnsumption:

тhе маssagе function сonsumes арргoхimatelу 600 mAh for each hour. A 5000 mAh will рrovidedе you messaging for агоund 7 hours аnd а 10.000 mAh will supply aрргохimately 14 hours of messaging.


step 1:

● ореn the bag for power bаnk inside the main boy of the backpack.

● Connect the USB cable (whitе сable) to the external betteгу раск and turn on the роте the battery расk .


Step 2:

● Pass the webbing on both sides of the shoulder strap through the elastic bands on both sides and adjust the angle.

● The closer you fit the body, the more comfortable the massag will be. Also the sound will reduce.


Step 3:

● Fasten the wait webbing budle and ad just the angle of the waist webbing.

● The doser you are to the body, the more comfortable the massage will be and at the same time, the sound will reduce.


Step 4:

• Adjust the tightness of the shoulder strap, please adjust it tothe angle that makes you feel comfortable and close to your body.

• The closer you are to the body, the more comfortable the massage will bring. The closer the bag is to your body, the lower the sound.

Step 5:

• To turn the massage function ON by pressing  the button on your right hand side on the control panel for 3-5 seconds.

• If you are unable to detect any massage motion please check if the power of your battery pack in ON.


1) The shoulder straps will vibrate once you turn it ON.

2)Press once and lower back massage will start vibrating.

3)Press twice and the shoulder as well as the lower back massage will vibrate.

4)Press and hold the button for 3-5 seconds and the vibration will shut off.

Depending on the selected backpack your bag comes with- or without a battery pack. In the latter case you should supply your own rechargeable battery pack. We recommend a minimum of 5000 mAh with at least two USB ports. For charging as well as massaging simultaneously we recommend a battery with 10,000 mAh.

Power consumption: The massage function consumes approximately 600 mAh for each hour. A 5000 mAh will provide you massaging for around 7 hours and a 10.000 mA will supply approximately 14 hours of massaging.

Sleeping mode:
The massaging system will automatically shut off after 15 minutes of running.
Please take a rest for 2 minutes before powering the device again.
This might extend the life time of your battery and massaging system,also better for  relaxing your body.
Special remarks and advice:
This product is only intended for the purpose described in these instructions for use. The manufacturer is not liable for damage resulting from improper or careless use. The device is intended to massage individual parts of the human body. Do not use  the device on animals, injuries (e.g. burns, open wounds), pregnant women, after an operation or on sensitive parts of the body (e.g. head, joints).
If you have a pacemaker or an implant or if you are not sure that the device is suitable for you, consult your doctor prior to use.
For children’s safety monitor their weight. It is recommended by doctors and therapists that children carry 10% max of their body weight in their bags.
Do not submerge the product fully into water or washing machine or dishwasher as it will damage the electronics. It is possible to clean the bag with damp cloth and then dry with dry cloth of hang dry. Under no circumstances should you open or repair the device yourself, as faultless functionality can no longer be guaranteed thereafter.
Failure to adhere to this instruction will void the warranty.

Single group rated current. <200mA
Double group rated current: <350mA
Power supply interface. USB 2.0
Voltage Current: DC5V/ 500mA
Operateing temperature:10℃~50℃


Special remarks:

The positions A, B, and C shown in red are dedicated zippers for our after-sales service. Please do not use  them unless there is a malfunction.


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