Off to the office or taking time
off? In the city or away from it all,
Swissdigital Design’s feature-rich
collections have your back. Setting
you free and taking care of you
and your digital world.

Style and substance

Explore our versatile range with a selection
of our most recent collections.


Audi e-tron

This partnership collection with Audi syncs
beautifully with their all-electric e-tron models.
Luggage features RFID-Protection and, as you’d
expect, our own Smart-Charging-System.

Available exclusively through Audi Centres worldwide.

  • Smart Urban Travelbag

    Smart Urban Travelbag

  • Smart Urban Backpack

    Smart Urban Backpack


Our Signature lifestyle range is robust yet relaxed.
Made for explorers, these backpacks include key
tech such as Solar Cells, RFID-Protection,
Smart-Charging and our Digital-Touch-System to
keep you hands-free and others hands-off.

Features vary by product. pic
  • Courier Backpack

    Courier Backpack

  • 2 in 1 Solar Backpack

    2 in 1 Solar Backpack

  • Nextgen Backpack

    Nextgen Backpack

  • Sling Bag

    Sling Bag

  • Wheeled Soft case

    Wheeled Soft case

  • Large Backpack

    Large Backpack

Black Label

Elegant, understated, but brimming
with Smart Technology, our Black
Label collection is beautifully
coordinated so you can grab and go-
to work or play.

Features vary by product. pic