Black Splatters

With its sytlish design, the “Black Splatters” embodies the depths of our journeys, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the strength we’ve discovered within ourselves.

Premium Gift Box

Crafted with the utmost and attention to detail this high-quality box ensures that your exclusive BARBEGAZI arrives in pristine condition. Your figurine will be safely presented, ready to enchant and delight.

Quality & Exclusivity

This is an exclusive limited edition featuring only 111 pieces worldwide each of “Black Splatters” and “Rainbox Glitter”.

Rainbow Glitter

Step out of the shadows and dive into the sparkling world of “Rainbow Glitter”, where your colorful BARBEGAZI figurine unfolds a tale of vibrant joy and boundless imagination.

As you welcome BARBEGAZI into your world, you’re not just acquiring a figurine; you’re embracing a story – a story of courage, and of the magical dance between shadows and illumination.

Make BARBEGAZI a part of your story today!