Start your journey

One small step...

One small step...

Make every trip a journey you’ll remember.
Turn a routine commute into an adventure.
A short hop into an epic. From backstreets
to the outback. Take us on your journey.

Features vary by product.
  • Topped up

    Our patented Smart-Charging-System
    hides inside. Just plug your device into
    the bag’s external USB port to keep
    moving and stay connected.

    Power bank sold separately.
    Topped up
  • Protected

    A special isolating fabric layer shields
    your phone, bank cards, travel passes
    and work ID, safe from radio-frequency
    ID scanners – and data scammers.

    Power bank sold separately.
  • Connected

    Should your bag or backpack go missing,
    locate it quickly and easily using the Find My
    app. Just one of the ways we make it easy
    to detect missing items nearby.

    Power bank sold separately.
  • Compliant

    Short-haul or long-haul, travel cases
    feature built-in digital scales so luggage
    in the hold or over your head never
    goes overweight.

    Power bank sold separately.
  • Relaxed

    Stay fresh with the high air-flow spinal
    panel and vibrating back-massager.
    Powered by an internal battery bank,
    it soothes and relaxes.

    Power bank sold separately.
  • Free

    The chargers in our Solar Cell
    backpacks leave you free to explore
    off-grid for longer, without the need to
    switch off your digital life.

    Power bank sold separately.

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