Our journey
Our designers and innovators
just love to push back the
boundaries of what is possible.
Here’s how.
Are we artisans
or geeks?
We’re both. We start with a blank
canvas and turn ideas into concepts.

We look for new solutions to every
problem, harnessing the power of
digital to satisfy needs our customers
didn’t even know they had.
Our designer draw their inspiration
from many different places.

Reaching far and wide, design cues
and product values remain Swiss at
heart: traditional yet forward-looking,
reliable yet inspiring. Just like our
signature colour-glacier. 
Crisp, clear and inspiring.
We apply our technical know-how in
ways we know will move you.

We build, test and tweak our
prototypes until they’re the best they
can be. Easy, practical, useful. Ready
to go out into the world with you.
Like our Swiss forebears, we blend
precision with craftsmanship.

Like a seasoned mountaineer, we
are meticulous, obsessive, dedicated
and strong. Proud to carry the
Swissdigital Design badge.

Joining us on our journey
Swissdigital Design is proud to partner with other leading brands
that share the same commitment to quality and innovation.
Working as one
Some of the world’s leading
names in the automotive industry
have already teamed up with
Swissdigital Design.

Along with bespoke luggage
collections and accessories, we
are developing many more
collaborative projects in this and
other sectors. Watch this space…

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